‘’Let’s take the 3 year olds (and a just 2 year old) camping and biking,’’ we said.  What could possible go wrong?  Fresh air, sleeping under canvass – bikes at the ready.  A great adventure!
So off we went, waved off by the Mum’s.  Cars packed to the brim.  Woo hoo!
For those of you that haven’t been to Bewl Waters.  It is an incredibly beautiful lake with a perimeter of 17 miles, set in the Valley of the River Bewl and boasts 800 acres of outstanding natural beauty, straddled between the boundaries of Kent and East Sussex.

There is an abundance of fantastic family leisure activities to enjoy on and around the waters, and all ages can easily find something to do.
We chose to camp at Cedar Gables Campsite which offered us a great location to base ourselves.  We soon set up our camp consisting of three tents, a table, bbq and play area.  The kids enjoyed helping and running in and out of the tents kept them amused whilst we planned our activities.
Well you can’t go to Bewl Water and not experience going on the water!  So we happily took a ride on The Bewl Belle.  Perfect for our age children, and a chance for us all to sit back and enjoy the stunning views.
For Families looking for something a little more adventurous on the water, there is plenty to choose from canoeing, rowing, sailing and fishing.
Back on land, we get back to camp and the Dad’s prepare for the evening and night ahead with a bbq and activities for all to enjoy.   Not quite expecting our tired broods to take three hours to get settled.  We suddenly realised that we may have underestimated the Dad’s relaxation time we had hoped to experience…  “Daddy I need another wee,”  “Daddy I want Mummy!”   “Daddy, Daddy I’m not tired!”   “Daddy Daddy where is my Monkey!”   
Oh dear Oh dear, did we really think they would be so exhausted we’d enjoy an evening of grown up chat and a few cheeky beers sat under the stars? .. Of course we did finally manage it and boy did that beer taste good!
You will probably not be surprised that despite our late night and broken sleep we had some very excited early risers!  Excited to be camping and with the prospect of having their breakfast together outside their tents.  The Sun was shining and very soon the whole campsite was thriving with activity.
We all got ready super-fast, as this was the day for our Super Bike Ride around Bewl Waters.
There are a number of great rides to explore for all abilities.  www.bewlwater.co.uk/things-to-do/cycling
There is a good place to hire bikes too.  Which is located in the car park of the Water Front Café.  You can hire pretty much anything there from adult, kids bikes, child seats and trailers.  There are even off road bikes and tracks for those searching for adventure.
We rode along a pleasant woodland track, which catered for our youngest abilities and spent a leisurely time riding.  We enjoyed a nice long easy run down a hill, and should have realised what goes down needs to go up!!  Tough on the legs for the our young cyclists, but all fun and smiles all round, the kids simply loved their experience and so did us Dad’s.  We would have happily stayed longer to enjoy more parts of the track. But I am sure our adventurers will return to Bewl Waters with stronger and more experienced legs.  We highly recommend to all families looking for adventure and family bike rides.
We’d love to hear your experiences too..
www.bewlwaters.co.uk visit this site to plan your trips.

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